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February 14th, 2006

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10:48 pm - greetings
my name's lesli (but around here i sign it as fred- weird inside joke nickname from when i was 14)
i'm 25
my son's name is corban- he's 6
i'm about to marry my best friend (really we've been friends since i was 12)

anyway, corban and i live in ohio and have a lot of fun together. i'm not exactly a typical mom and that's what brought me here. corban and i listen to red hot chili peppers together and dance to b52's. sometimes it's like he's a little brother instead of my child. i think having children in your twenty's does that, you're young enough to remember being a child (and even feel like you are sometimes).

well, i just wanted to introduce myself,

the icon is corban and i btw. to save weird race questions- i'm bi-racial and his father is causasian.
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Date:February 20th, 2006 05:02 am (UTC)
thanks for joining. as you can tell, there isn't really anything going on in here since there is only you, me, and my fiance as members. but, i'm hoping that will change. if not, at least i tried. glad to have you nontheless. :D

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